Stickam like chat rooms Free chat to pinoy hot guys

Similar to the site’s previous version, you can embed a badge on other sites and forums to spread the link to the chatroom.

The video conferencing feature is very easy to use and the quality of the video isn’t terrible.

Only being able to chat with text and nothing to look at can be a bit dull, and generally less enjoyable, so having the features this free random chat site has really does make it one of the best spots available if you want to talk to strangers.

If you think about it, we humans tend to love visuals, and adding them into the mix greatly helps make any conversations you have to be a whole lot more meaningful.

But what if you want to host and its your first time?

Tiny Chat, the simple, free web-based chat room we wrote about here, is now adding video conferencing and screen sharing to its list of features.

But before you and a friend reenact that scene from "Borat," keep one thing in mind: With the right software, anyone can record video from Stickam at any time — and people do.

Intriguing as it is at first, the novelty of access to a mother lode of video chats does begin to wear off fairly quickly, especially if you don't feel like listening to bored teenagers — "I'm bored," being an oft-heard Stickam complaint — speculating about such things as why "they're taking the word 'the' out of superhero movie names" — "Hulk," "Fantastic Four," "X-Men."Luckily, Stickam offers more than just chat.

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