Lactating and dating

, there was a couple who’d been together for eight months, but the guy still hadn’t met his girlfriend’s young son.

Once, I was sitting on my sister’s sofa with my breasts out, when my brother-in-law and two of his friends came in from the pub.

When new mother Louise Burns attempted to feed her baby at Claridges this week, a waiter rushed over with a napkin to drape over the offending scene. He later insisted his remarks had been taken out of context, and said it was merely “a question of good manners”. No one with any manners would publically humiliate a young mother for feeding her child.

Manners, after all, are merely the expression of consideration for other people.

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I was determined to beat my personal best of 4oz of milk from each side, even if it meant traumatising these young men.

I mention this because, if Nigel Farage is to take on the lactating women of Britain, he ought to know what he’s up against.

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I also wanted to weed out the men who wouldn’t be cool with those things, and I wanted to demonstrate that I have a sense of humor.So even though dating while still breastfeeding seemed complicated, I had recently read Aziz Ansari’s new book, after a friend recommended it, and I was inspired to put myself out there.Ansari makes a pretty solid case for using Tinder, especially for those in specific dating circumstances, like people with kids or of specific religions.The Ukip leader suggested yesterday that breastfeeding mothers should “sit in the corner” and avoid being “openly ostentatious”, because “some people are very embarrassed by it”. Around 20 per cent of Britons, according to a poll taken earlier this year, believe women should not nurse their babies in public.And some people are so embarrassed by the sight that they are prepared to do the even more embarrassing thing of making a fuss about it.

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