Healthy boundaries for dating

Some people question whether Old Testament references still apply for Christians today since it expressed the Jewish law.

After all, we no longer follow rules about not eating shellfish or being ceremonially unclean during your period.

Creating rules in which to adhere by is all about self respect and love.A biblical scholar could give you a sophisticated answer, but here’s a good way of thinking about it: biblical teaching on morality in the Old Testament was repeated and reinforced by Jesus in the New Testament while teachings about being “clean or unclean” were not.The death of Jesus on the cross made the sacrificial system obsolete; those who trust in Christ are “clean.” However, our actions can still be immoral and offensive to God.You may not give much thought to the existence of boundaries in your daily life, but they are everywhere.For example, when you are driving on a two lane road, you stay to the right of the center line, especially if there is a car coming from the opposite direction.

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