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Sontag opens by describing Virginia Woolf's essay on the roots of war, "Three Guineas," in which Woolf described a set of gruesome photographs of mutilated bodies and buildings destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

A memoir of a father obsessed with control and the daughter who fights his suffocating grasp, House Rules explores the complexities of their compelling and destructive relationship as Rachel fights to escape, and, later, to make sense of what remains of her family.

“Susan Sontag's Illness as Metaphor was the first to point out the accusatory side of the metaphors of empowerment that seek to enlist the patient's will to resist disease. AIDS and Its Metaphors extends her critique of cancer metaphors to the metaphors of dread surrounding the AIDS virus.

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Such metaphors foster the stigmatizing of AIDS patients while spreading misinformation and panic, she argues, further claiming that clinical reports on the course of AIDS from ``fledgling'' to ``full-blown'' tacitly support the far-from-proven theory that everyone who tests positive for the AIDS antibody will die of the diease.991 Westhaven Boulevard, #10, Westhaven Vistas, Franklin, buyer: Robert P. 1452 Coleman Road, Black Rose Ranch, Franklin, buyer: Rebecca L. 407 Valley View Drive, Creekstone Commons, buyer: Michael and Jacelyn M. 219 Jennette Place, Maplewood, Franklin, buyer: Matthew J. Smith, seller: RL Regis-TN Williamson, price: 5,000. 109 Clapham Street, Reid Hill Commons, Franklin, buyer: Brenda S. Bauer, seller: Patricia Lynne Burham, price: 9,000. 1821 Brockton Place, Southwind Condo, Franklin, buyer: Stacey Diane Herrin, seller: Federal National Mortgage, price: 2,000. Poindexter, seller: Rachael Nicole Lawrence and Michael V. 202 Sontag Drive, Polk Place, Franklin, buyer: Jack W. What those outside of the family didn't know was that the reason Sontag was so accomplished and committed to her extracurricular activities was that she would've done anything to get away from her father, Stephen.By enforcing a peculiar system of rules and consequences, he micromanaged every moment of her life, tape-recording her conversations, measuring the length of her fingernails and locking all the phones in a safe when he left the house.

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