Dating my optometrist

6) You may be charged a fee for the qualified practitioner to complete the form but save it along with your regular medical expense receipts and claim them on your personal tax return.

It was set around 1800 in rural Nova Scotia, and pivoted on the concept of bundling which back then was a term which meant lying in the same bed while fully clothed, for warmth, in a house where the entire family shared one room with a fireplace. Those Maritimers and New Englanders had more sense than youd think. It's also wired into a variety of databases (Daily News Service, podcasts, etc.) in keeping with our digital world. Always overwhelming -- especially for a non-multi-tasker like me. prior to VCRs, DVDs, the Internet, Smartphones, Twitter... It will henceforth be know simply as Western, following in the illustrious footsteps of such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Mc Gill, Cornell, Stanford, etc., etc. James Lee Burke's Feast Day of Fools, Michael Connelly's The Drop, and Stephen King's 11/22/63. In fact, I had the front page of the Toronto Star for that day laminated. Simply, it's about a guy who tries to go back in time and prevent it from happening, and by extension, all that would've/could've changed as a result. Last week (on Wednesday, November 30), I was involved in a Reading event at the Grad Club at Western (along with Kathryn Mockler -- poet, fellow faculty member, and friend), and it was a fun time. I picked the story for the usual variety of reasons (length, topic, appropriateness for the specific venue, etc.), and its selection and revival now has a certain synchronistic resonance (how's that for a phrase? I just found out a couple of days ago that Phoenix Pick, the publisher of the 2009 trade paperback and e Book edition of my novel, Blue Limbo, is making that novel its (the same promotion they gave to Barking Dogs, back in October, 2010 -- see entry of that time, below). Patrick's Bed, conducting an interview with me back in 2000 as well. I'm both grateful and flattered to have been presented with the opportunity, but will hold out for a chance to teach a creative writing course, should such an opportunity ever arise there. The proffered course is a full-year lecture course, with an enrolment of 200.

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